Why Our Clients Prefer Home Care Over Assisted Living

As we get older, sometimes we have to face the fact that we need help with our daily activities. When we get to this point one option is to move into an assisted living facility. By moving into a facility we get staff on hand to meet our needs, but the trade-off is that we leave the comfort of home behind to live in an unfamiliar environment.

However, we offer a choice for our clients to stay in their own homes instead of moving into assisted living. Our clients can do this because we come to them, instead! We can come into their home, the home they’ve lived in for 30 years, to do the things that they might not be able to do any more. We can have a caregiver come in every day, or a couple of days a week – whatever is needed – to provide services such as meal preparation and light housekeeping. This way there’s no stress of moving or having to adapt to a new environment. Instead, we help our clients keep that independence that they so much want to hang on to.

Home is where our clients feel the best! They get to be where they’ve always been, in their familiar surroundings, with their TV, their favorite chair, their bedroom – the familiarity and comfort of the entire home. By being able to remain in their homes it gives them hope that they can continue to live that life they want, that life they’ve always lived, in the privacy of their own home, on their own terms. Our clients are very satisfied, because they get to stay at home!

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