Do You Need Help?

How do you know when it’s time to ask for help?

Your parents still live in their home, and most times it seems like they get along fine. But recently you’ve noticed some bills that are past due or you have concerns about their driving. Is it time to step in? Are they reluctant to talk with you about the future? Do they hide their challenges and difficulties from you?

Your parents fear the loss of their independence – that’s universal and understandable, but it’s inevitable that they will need assistance at some point as they age. Will that assistance be you?

If you live far from your parent or have a more-than-full life of your own, caring for your parent may not be practical. Speak with one of our lifecare navigators about a care assessment for your parent or download our FREE handbook, “Are You Prepared to Assist an Aging Loved One?“. It covers legal, financial and medical questions you should be aware of, as well as a check list developed to determine if your parents need help. Other senior resources and in-home care guides are also included.

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